About IQ Management Corporation

Full-Service Risk Management in Canada

IQ Management is a private Canadian company that specializes in risk management as it relates to managing changes and advancements in technology and the ongoing corporate demands for improved performance from technology leadership and assets internally, aligning with corporate strategy overall.

We focus on high-value consulting services, assessments, mentoring, coaching and education in the areas of:

  • Business Transformational Leadership
  • Business Process and Optimization
  • Planning and Governance
  • Architecture
  • Technology Transformation
  • Information Management

IQ Management is well-established in Canada as an Alberta-based corporation, but our roots come from within major corporations around the globe.

Our leadership and partners have notable tenure with companies such as IBM, Ernst & Young, United Airlines, US Government & Military, META Group (Gartner Group), and various other leading global organizations.

Our  team is comprised of experienced senior executives, consultants, advisors, speakers and authors based in Canada and the US.  Along with our strategic risk management expertise, we bring board experience in both Canada and the United States.  Collectively we have acted in the past as legal witness and advisors to governments, agencies, and Global 1000 corporations around the world focusing on business transformation, innovation, enterprise architecture, change management, big technology issues, future-proofing and planning, restructuring and emerging market development.  IQ Management is a team of the best-in-class professionals assembled to support our clients’ most complicated risk management situations.

As part of the IQM team, our partners, consultants, coaches, analysts and leaders cover a portfolio of clients and services.

Generally the IQM team are hired by boards when change is occurring or when senior leadership in business or technology recognizes a need for risk management in support of their respective portfolios. IQM supports the important relationship between business and technology in large organizations, within government, or in crown corporations. Our current geography covers Canada, United States, and the UK.

IQ Management’s main goal in our business practice is to assist our clients to optimize their technology assets and minimize their associated risk. Management and planning assistance with their technology development plans, a focus on the enterprise, and transformational leadership are key parts of our service.