Our Approach

IQM Team

The critical element in assisting our clients to succeed, is the IQM team itself.

The leadership within the IQM organization are each successful in their areas of discipline as practitioners, writers, speakers, and executives. All have senior-level corporate experience.

We have developed an effective framework to impart services and knowledge to our clients.

We realize it is vital to work alongside our clients to ensure their success in business. The strategy is to provide world-class consultancy and advisory support along the way, to ensure our mutual corporate success.


IQM Uniqueness  “Centered in the Threshold of Change”

Our role is to assist our clients with the execution of their business strategy.  We help clients achieve world-class standards that enable the organization to perform with agility, leveraging their strong foundation for growth or change along with their ability to have transparency, and to make more timely business decisions.

IQM positions itself around the ‘threshold of change’ and the management of change.  We provide our clients with the best operational, patent-pending processes, technology, organizational, partnership, and team management and coaching capabilities possible.  IQM brings into all engagements the corporate elements that set us apart from traditional integrators, management consulting or research firms in Canada or globally.  This is a valuable approach for clients as it focuses on the challenges and provides timely and measurable results.  Our focus is not to determine the needs of an organization and bring in all the consultants to do-it, but to rather engage with the client and and to impart the necessary wisdom for the client organization to be successful on their own or with minimum external interference in a framework that is scalable depending on client needs, and can call on as much or as little of our resources as necessary.  This is a key element to our capabilities – and one that we lead with.

Many of our clients refer to our skill-set as a valuable insurance policy.

Some think of us as a team of the top-players in the league – on a stacked-team.

Either way, we represent the best-in-class in support of our clients’ business strategy efficiently and with supporting and meaningful tools, approaches and advice.


IQM Provides Clients with Ongoing Support

Long-term, the IQM leadership team are willing to support organizations with their vision for change and ongoing requirements for excellence.

As masters in this domain, as change-agents committed to providing ongoing coaching, mentoring and leadership support, the IQM team continue to infuse a client organization with our best and brightest minds locally and globally with a hybrid of corporate consulting models.

It is this flexibility that ensures IQM clients access timely advice and support the way our clients need to consume it in the ebb-and-flow of business.