Client References

IQ Management represents some of the best and brightest Business and Enterprise Architects in the world – in fact some of their team have been credited with the invention of Enterprise Architecture alongside other industry giants.

Director, Enterprise Architecture
Global Agricultural Organization, 2012



As an organization we have been trying for more than ten years to accomplish what the coaching and mentoring provided by George Paras has done for us in less than a two-years.  Now our organization is successfully positioned with our enterprise architecture practice to make significant strides in the years to come, and we will continue to have George assist us during this important time of change  for our organization.  We finally are in a good place to move our program forward successfully.

Manager IT Security & Architecture
Information Technology Services
Provincial Hydro Organization, May 2012



As a global insurance company we have access to a lot of service providers.  We are very happy with the ongoing support and coaching from George Paras & the IQ Management team to support our organization and have remained a client for the past 3 years and will continue to do so.  I work with George every week on architectural issues that come up on our initiatives and sometimes we work on plans and overall approaches including our organizational development and strategies.  It is all of great value to me personally in my role and for my organisation to move our programs forward to have such personal time and attention.  Working with George in the past few years has had a positive impact during these challenging times.

Vice President and Chief Architect
Global Insurance Company, June 2012



“We are a little different than most in our industry. While we value the deep ongoing working relationships we have with our clients we value their privacy and confidentiality more.  The reason is simple;  our clients have told us that they appreciate this confidentiality and we will continue to respect this aspect of our business into the future.

As a client you will enjoy this same confidentiality, but you will also have the privilege of getting to know many of our other clients on a 1:1 basis.

As a prospective client, we welcome your inquiries to learn more about our work and our client base, as our clients love talking about their own successes 1:1 with new prospective clients as you embark on your own journey.

The clients above have agreed to shared their experiences with you on our corporate website, and if you wish to connect with any of them please let me know personally.”

Michele Taylor, President & CEO