Our Key Values

Leading by demonstrating knowledge and wisdom

Managed risk is our speciality — by inspiring ideas and debating new ways to effectively push the envelope with new ideas.

We challenge our clients to see ongoing problems differently by actively participating in the creation of the solution with them.  In our experience, this approach to managing change and risk  ensures commitment and buy-in at all levels within a client organization to ensure success.

We are of the opinion that it truly is called “wisdom” when you can create positive transformation and change by seeing-through the often politically-charged organization as well as the corporation challenged by outside influences.

This is the essence of IQM and where we play most profoundly as leaders in the domain of change management, innovation, transformation and architecting a business for success.

Fostering innovation and transformation

  1. We invest in the ongoing sharing of knowledge and mentoring for our team internally and for our clients, imparting that knowledge as proficiently and practically as we can.
  2. All the stakeholders we work with in a client organization and externally to our clients are part of the outcome plan that is prepared when an engagement is launched. We strive to create conditions that foster innovation and success for all client work by creating a strong vision for success. Together, we create a risk and change management foundation with measurable outcomes.
  3. Accountability is a key word in the vocabulary of our IQM team and we demonstrate our leadership by positively influencing and motivating others to strive for their goals. When managing change, these goals are set at the commencement of the engagement. It is this ongoing focus and accountability that ensures we meet the needs of our clients within the duration of their transformation or alignment initiative.

Building sustainable and agile corporate environments

Our simple but key core value is to achieve excellence within a client organization throughout our change management engagement. This is measured by a client’s new capability to:

  • sustain and manage change
  • acquire new businesses
  • modify or affect organizational change efficiently
  • dramatically improve and measure projects internally and with other stakeholders externally
  • adopt new technologies
  • improve processes in shorter periods of time

Our goal is to build a sustainable and agile corporate environment that provides an eco-system as well as a platform for the adoption of change and the practice of good leadership with full transparency. Simply, our goal is to help clients achieve a level of excellence in managing change.

Educating corporate leaders to affect positive corporate change

We provide corporate leaders with the tools they need to create strategy and plans that align with their corporate vision and goals. The opportunity to affect positive corporate change exists when the strategy and the vision of the leadership are aligned.

Advising our clients to achieve success year over year

As key contributors to our clients’ personal and corporate success each and every year, we revel in the fact that our clients’ needs in managing change have been met. As a trusted partner, coach, and advisor, confidentiality and confidence are highly valued and respected by all IQM leadership. It is our core value to have our clients succeed, and accomplish their personal and corporate best to achieve another level of excellence.