Big strategic and innovative ideas come from even bigger thinking.

We believe leadership comes from within.

At IQ Management we are lucky to have a group of the biggest thinkers in technology advisory & services as part of our leadership, advisory and board team and they’re actively involved with your business on an ongoing basis and their visionary leadership influences everything that we do as a company.

This leadership provides insight, experience, and a clear vision – bringing our advisory and consulting and other services to life with a focus on quality and ongoing client services.


Michele Taylor | President & CEO

As the founder of IQ Management Corporation (IQM) Michele brings a diverse range of experience within the disciplines of consulting, business development, education, change management, supply chain, application development, and market development.

Prior to launching IQ Management, Michele’s previous roles included Principal Consultant, Account Manager and Managing Director with international and domestic technology recruiting, consulting services, advisory and research firms, such as IBM Education, META Group Technology Research & Advisory (Gartner Group), GSI Group, and C-Bridge Solutions and CGE&Y.

Michele started her career in high-tech in 1986 with a national IBM reseller, and then joined PBSC | IBM Education until 1995 until she was hired by Meta Group from New York (acquired by Gartner Group) to oversee the western Canadian market development. Michele’s focus has been on change and the rate of change as it relates to businesses focusing on growth and the complexities of our modern day and providing the support that organizations need to be agile and responsive.

In addition to supporting major corporations and government organizations with advisory services across Canada, Michele has provided ongoing support to associations within Canada such as the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). In 2010, she assisted in launching the Calgary Chapter of The CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) and in the fall of 2012 she launched the Calgary Chapter of Canadian Women in Technology and is currently is serving as Chair.  Michele is a dedicated supporter of each of these formal associations by supporting their development and programs since the inception of the company in 2004.

Michele is responsible for the vision and development of the IQ Management organization and is focused on client relationships and the practice development of organization.