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Coaching & Mentoring

These are long-standing services that our coaching team provides as a pillar for IQM clients. Our executive leadership clients gain so much year over year with our personal attention and support. These services are also a cost-effective part of building and aligning corporate strategy and initiatives  for executives, Chief Information Officers & IT Leaders, Project Management Officers, and Leaders of Transformation in Canada and around the world.


As our clients needs evolve keeping our team engaged on an advisory level to provide a third-party opinion or to have us evaluate documents, provide ongoing feedback in-context to their corporate climate and needs, and to generally keep the conversations going as a true trusted adviser is a compliment to our team and the relationships that have been developed over the years.

As an independent third-party providing advisory service, IQM can leverage the advisory support of our entire organisation including our partners for more complex issues or reviews when needed.

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Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentoring Services in Canada