Transformation Leadership

An Executive Leadership Approach to
Leveraging the Creation of the Agile Corporation

Whether your new posture is to sustain, grow organically,  or embrace new opportunities, transformation is your new reality.

Recent economic turmoil has affected leaders, investors and boards globally and across Canada, and organizations are learning to operate with leaner budgets and fewer resources. New-millennium pressures have triggered a ‘re-think’ of how daily business is conducted to meet demands for greater agility in maintaining and growing market share, responding to market demands, and garnering customer loyalty.

Our services equip and enable client organizations to rise to transformation challenges, support their achievement of optimal speed and agility, and work to position and reposition them for future success in a ‘new normal’ of continuous transformation.

We help you transform from a people standpoint with technology in mind.


Transformation Leadership Services

The Transformational Leadership practice area consists of dedicated support and development of Board, Executive, Management and Initiative leaders by applying…

  • Ongoing one-to-one coaching, advising and mentoring
  • Educational sessions, workshops, and programs

… offering a rudder of continuity amidst sweeping, rapid-fire change and succession of leaders.

We are engaged by our clients to…

Develop transformational leaders through…

  • Transformational Leadership techniques coaching and advising
  • Transformational Leadership education
  • Transformational Organization concepts education
  • Change resiliency skills development

Act as a thought partner and advisor in…

  • Transformation strategy development
  • Adapting change management practices for transformational work
  • Governance and transformation communications
  • IT organization and IT planning to meet transformational objectives
  • Proposal preparation and modelling

Assess and Develop…

  • Transformational Organization Maturity
  • Corporate Change Management Maturity
  • Portfolio, program and project transformational value measurement and integrity
  • Communication strategies for transformation