It is not Eating the Elephant…

Michele Taylor With Larry DeBoever & Heather Campbell

In Clayton Christiansen’s book titled the Innovator’s Dilemma he discusses the concept of disruptive change that happens only every 25 years or so.  While innovations in the high-tech space appear daily – we believe that Converged Infrastructure (CI) is disruptive change that fits into that category of disruption meets Christiansen’s criteria and requires the immediate attention of IT leadership. (Definition of  Converged Infrastructure)

In the past 6 months , iQManagement have been assembling group of leading experts from across North America with ‘hands-on’ experience in converged infrastructure (CI) to tackle the disruptive implications from a variety of different angles;

  • Business agility, scalability and analytics
  • IT strategy and enterprise architecture
  • IT agility and cost reductions

What did we learn with this exercise?  The topic of CI is big.  The issues and politics of CI are big.  The CI prize is even larger in terms of innovating the enterprise to bring business value along with the inevitable financial rewards.  The top take-aways were as follows;

  1. Big data management will be a key driver for converged infrastructure
  2. Business leaders are already demanding this access
  3. Technologies will continue to improve and early adoption will set a path for agile technology adoptions for the future
  4. Converged Infrastructure drivers are about business value first and foremost

Analysis and Clear Direction Allow for Fearless Execution.

To create and drive business value with CI one does not have to eat the elephant!

Start early with a rapid assessment to identify high potential opportunities to drive immediate value from CI and cloud computing.

Then create a strategic direction and chart the path by beginning to pick the early wins that will prove-up the analysis and realize during these early days where your political challenges and opportunities are with internal relationships and external vendors and their legacy agreements.

It is an imperative to start the conversations early with your vendor partner partners to gain a clear understanding about who has the demonstrated ability to cost effectively migrate you to converged infrastructure.  Deep-seated legacy vendors who lack innovative enterprise tools and services are at risk of loss of business, as they will likely be unable to deliver the agility and cost savings, long-term, that CI will offer to your business.

It will be critical for you to seek independent and unbiased advice so that the risks and the ‘possible’ are clear to you, the business plans will be so much clear with it.  We also recommend ‘just-enough-enterprise-architecture’ to understand the journey as well as the destination.

Early Adopters Win

The early-adopters of CI have begun to share their learnings around CI (Netflix Story) and as an enterprise leader you can leverage those learnings and wisdom for your own purposes.

Please talk with us today about your corporate enterprise assessment for converged infrastructure to easily accomplish your own risk and opportunity analysis.


Converged Infrastructure is here to stay and become a standard with vendors offering more clearly defining paths of strategy and approach in the coming future generations of technology.  Defining critical elements of business value will determine both the paths of innovation and future direction business leaders will seek out.

Technology leaders will have to put in place the ability to be agile to adopt to those next-generation technologies but in the main – the currency of converged infrastructure today will offer enterprise organizations boundless opportunities for creative and value-driven successes for business today.

Basic enterprise architecture governance will provide the needed frameworks and roadmaps for planning and approaches allowing for natural agility and timeliness in the opportunistic demands of business today; just what they are seeking.

Weaving CI as a standard into your enterprise early will set your corporation on a path for success today and in the future.

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