Larry DeBoever, In Memoriam

Photo of Larry DeBoever

Larry DeBoever was a world renowned expert in the transformation of business through the use of information technology.

He served on several boards including Cognos, GoldenGate, GHNonline, Simware, etc.  His past positions included serving as President of the META Group and as the Chief Research Officer for Hitachi Consulting.  In 2007, he was recognized as one of the ‘5 Pioneers of Enterprise Architecture’ by the Society for Information Management.

In 2011 Larry received the ‘Vanguard Award’ from the Canadian Enterprise Architecture Forum being recognized as pioneer in enterprise architecture advancing the practices in Canada.

Larry worked with IQM and their clients in the consulting practice and was a vibrant speaker on all topics of leadership, technology, innovation, communication and more.  Larry looked after many IQM clients over the years, and is sadly missed by so many.  We keep his image and his bio up as a reminder of his dedication and commitment to our clients and to the industry he served.

Larry passed away November 14, 2015.

If you would like to remember Larry please donate to Lustgarten Foundation to Cure Pancreatic Cancer