Linda Miller

Photo of Linda Miller

Linda Miller is in the business of mobilizing people’s wisdom and resources to adapt to rapid, unrelenting change. Following her proprietary method for achieving Transformational Organization Paradigm ™ characteristics, she also develops Transformational Leadership capabilities within businesses, customizing her method to suit her clients’ business environment as they face of continuous transformation.

Linda’s combination of education and experience in psychology, business, and technology uniquely qualifies her to advise on the changing emphasis of leadership in an emerging era that demands a shift from Industrial Age thinking to Information Age ingenuity.

She has authored two books that provide keys to success and prosperity in the new ‘normal’ of, everything-all-the-time: Surfing the Paradoxes of Transformation, Flourishing in the Context of an Emerging Normal, and a ‘Chicken Soup’ style book titled Let Me Be My Better Self. Linda is in the final stages of publishing a business book on transformation titled: The Transformational Organization Paradigm, Operating in Greyscale and Producing Results Through Continuous Transformation.