RBS Meltdown a Sign of the Times

Headline December 3, 2013:  RBS admits decades of IT neglect after systems crash (http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/12/03/us-rbs-technology-idUSBRE9B20F220131203) Four years ago I returned to Canada after spending a couple of years in the UK working for a leading Global Bank.  After acquiring over a decade of technology debt, this Global Bank had decided it had two choices:  transform itself [...]

What is Converged Infrastructure?

Converged Infrastructure is the emerging term used to describe the consolidation of layers of IT architecture that have traditionally been managed as separate components. These components include servers, storage, networks and the software required to orchestrate the operation and ongoing management of these new converged appliances. There are massive benefits to migrating your infrastructure to [...]

Busting the Relationship Myths

Myth4 Communication

The relationship between Business and IT is the topic of many journal articles. What it is, why it’s not working, how to fix it. I was hired to fix the relationship with the business in my last role. That is what’s wrong, and if the relationship improves, all will be well. It wasn’t. There were [...]

Defining IT in Business Terms

IT is an extension of place and an extension of people. Understanding corporate IT well enough to change how it behaves is as complex and painstaking a piece of work as understanding staff sufficiently to change their behaviour to meet business challenges.